The Body Shop Tea Tree Night Lotion 30ml

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Our Tea Tree Night Lotion helps you snooze your way to dreamy looking skin. Blemishes Time for this little guy to get to work.

While you sleep your skin is in recovery mode and so its the perfect time to slather on some hard-working skincare. This lightweight night lotion helps your skin feel moisturized while absorbing excess oil and sebum, so you can wake up to refreshed skin that looks and more balanced. Sounds like a dream, right

Sourced from thousands of tea tree leaves in Kenya, The Body Shops Tea Tree Night Lotion is enriched with Community Fair Trade tea tree oil. This not only helps the local farmers, but also funds community projects in the local area. Its a real winner, and your skin will thank you too.

And if youre on the hunt for more than just a night lotion, The Body Shops Tea Tree range is full of more blemish-battling goodies.

  • Enriched with Community Fair Trade tea tree oil from Kenya
  • Helps balance excess oil while keeping oily skin hydrated
  • Formulated for blemish prone skin
  • A bit of overnight TLC to help with the appearance of blemishes


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