Skin Organicare Aloevera Powder-80g

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  • Aloe vera is a common ingredient in ‘cosmetics’ for glowing skin, revitalizing, preventing hair loss, thickening and lengthening hair.
  • Aloe vera has a wide range of medicinal properties and is also used extensively in the beauty world. Or mixed with rose water and applied on the face, the skin will be smooth, bright and soft. As we age, wrinkles appear on our skin, which you can easily prevent by using this aloe vera powder. Because it is rich in anti-oxidants. This powder penetrates deep into the skin and contains vitamins A, B , CO ingredients nourish the skin
  • Make a pack by mixing two tablespoons of aloe vera powder and half a lemon juice Apply this pack on sunburned skin and leave it for fifteen minutes and wash it off with cold water It helps in keeping the skin moisturized by removing sunburn spots


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