Simple Kind To Skin Facial Wipes 25 wipes

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Simple Kind To Skin Facial Wipes 25 wipes Price in Bangladesh

Control shine and refresh your skin with the Simple Kind to Skin Exfoliating Cleansing Wipes! When our skin feels happy and clear it can give us a little boost; cleansing is the first step in any great skincare routine, and is even more effective when the product we use matches with our skin’s needs. If you’re looking to gently absorb excess oil with your choice of cleanser, our Kind to Skin Exfoliating Wipes are on hand to help and are a perfect blend of ingredients to gently remove dead skin cells and help to keep your skin revived and revitalised. Perfect for even sensitive skin!

How to use :

  • Lift resealable sticker and remove one wipe
  • Gently wipe the exfoliating side over face and neck, avoiding the delicate eye area
  • Wipe the smooth surface over face, neck and eye area to cleanse and remove make-up
  • Stop your wipes drying out by remembering to reseal the pack
  • Throw used wiped in the bin after use; do not flush down the toilet