Q-nic Whitening Night Cream Price in Bangladesh

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Q-nic Whitening Night Cream Price in Bangladesh

Q-nic care whitening night cream is perfect for moisturizing the skin. It covers dark circles, acne scars and the skin is brightened. ​At night before going to bed wash the skin after then use the dry face cream.

Q-nic Care Whitening Night Cream contains natural turmeric extract, well-known among Asian women for its magical power to lighten and renew the skin. Q’nic Care Whitening Night Cream will make your skin-
-and will also lighten
acne scars
dark spots
allowing you to get a good night’s rest knowing your skin will be lighter and clearer in the morning
This cream is for treatment of skin inflammation and discoloration caused by acne. The  cream will slowly remove affected dark skin.