Purifying Neem Scrub 50ml

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  • Cleansing and moisturizing is an essential part of our daily skincare regimen as it helps exfoliate and rejuvenate
  • But, we often fail to realise that our skin requires something more this
  • The Purifying Neem Scrub from Himalaya is the answer to your need for a complete skin treatment and is sure to bless you with smooth and soft skin
  • Pollution and dirt cause multiple skin problems such as black heads, white heads, acne and skin irritability
  • The dead cells also need to be removed regularly from the skin
  • Scrubbing is a skincare technique which removes the dead cells, black and white heads from our skin
  • The face scrub is made of Neem and Apricot and the two ingredients work together as great exfoliator and purifier
  • The apricot granules help in the removal of the dead skin cells
  • The purifying quality of neem, on the other hand, prevents acne and dark spots
  • The scrub also helps remove the excess oil from the skin which is the root cause of acne and black heads


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