Pur Activity Straw Cup 13oz./390ml. (5511-Blue)

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PURs Activity Straw Drinking Cups BD is the glass with straw is designed so that the baby can grip and hold comfortably in the contour shape. Colorful water bottles encourage kids to want to use them and learn to suck on their own.

Features of Straw Drinking Cup

  • This drinking cup is made from BPA-free raw materials and thus ensuring safety for your baby.
  • The concave shape makes it easier to hold the bottle.
  • With colors that help attract the attention of the baby leading to the development of greater learning.
  • The suction tube has an air valve to allow air to flow through. The baby is able to absorb water continuously.
  • There is a lid to keep the tubes clean and hygienic.

Maintenance of the Straw Drinking Cup in BD

  • The tubes should be soaked in hot water for 5 minutes before the first use and all other parts should be washed before use.
  • You should open and remove the lid before cleaning it every time before use.
  • You can clean this cup by washable machine (Only upstairs).
  • You are able to use Pur (9207) long handle straw brush to clean inside the straw.