Ponds Bright Beauty Brightening Toner 150ml (Indonesia)

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  • Ponds Bright Beauty Brightening Toner is a toner with a refreshing formula, enriched with Peral Nutrients, AHA and Vitamin B3, which can shrink pores and remove excess oil and lighten black spots on the face. The skin looks blushing white, blemishes are disguised, and not shiny. Contains Pro-Vitamin B3 which can brighten millions of facial skin cells.
  • Product Benefits:- Can overcome oily and dull skin problems
  • The formula is refreshing and enriched with pearl nutrients, AHA and Vitamin B3
  • It can reduce pores and remove excess oil from the skin while brightening black spots
  • How to use :- Pour a small amount on a clean cotton pad, then apply it all over the face, concentrating on the forehead, nose and the edges of the nose (T-Zone) and chin. It can be used in the morning and at night.


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