Papaya Day and Night Skin Whitening Cream

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Papaya Day and Night Skin Whitening Cream Net wet 20g x 2. In accordance with the nourishing theory in Morden Chinese formula, it extracts natural papaya essence, especially contains natural whitening factors of papain (papaya protease), pectic (papaya AHA) and vitamin C, etc, can make skin white, moisturized and lustrous.

1) It contains natural plant moisturizing essence, can restore the skin barrier, enhance skin self hydrating and moisturizing ability and make skin tender and moisturized with youth and luster after continuous use.

2) Refreshing and oil-free, it can bring you proper moisturizing factors, make your skin white and moisturized and offer your white, tender and charming skin.

How to Use:

In the morning after using cleansing apply the cream for cleaning, apply day cream of this product on face, then gently massage. Usage night cream at night.

Papaya Cream Price and Review:

Price is very reasonable and reviewed as the best whitening cream by the users.

Papaya Cream Side Effects:

There are No side effects

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