Original Egg and Cherry Whitening Cream

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Original Egg and Cherry Whitening Cream in Bangladesh

Egg White & Cherry Cream for Eliminating Freckle and Whitening

No Redness, No swelling, No Allergy


After cleansing your skin. take I gm(about five rices) on your skin evenly for twice one day. the user of the product can normally prevent the speckles & acne on face or armpit or groin part within 5-6 days later. you will have soft and healthy such as a baby skin.

Specification of Egg white and cherry cream

  • Facial spot exterminate
  • Armpit & groin speckles eliminate
  • Wrinkles and sunlight-proof removed
  • Whitening and proven effective
  • The gentle formula suit everyone
  • Skin scar removed
  • Body skin deodorant
  • Net Weight: 25g


Avoid contact with eyes, broken or irritated skin. If feel any irritation during first time please gently wash with clean water & discontinue use. Do not use to groin during pregnancy time. Keep away from the reach of children.

In first time using. If feel irritated sensitive with it. Please rinse them off with water washing clean up.

Apply some egg white above skin. Keep 30 minutes after cleaning. Few days later your can use it again. when your skin become normal

Suggest you eat less hot pepper and eat more fresh fruits and vegetable. keep enough sleep. Don’t use it on broken skin


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