Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash 100ml

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  • Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash
  • Weight: 100ml
  • Made in India
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  • Weight: 100 ml
  • Removes oil from skin.
  • Makes skin look fresh.
  • Fights with bacteria.
  • Imported from India.
  • Himalaya’s Purifying Neem Face Wash is a soap-free, herbal formulation that cleans impurities and helps clear pimples.
  • A natural blend of neem and turmeric bring together their antibacterial and anti fungal properties to prevent the recurrence of acne over time. Key ingredients: Neem is an excellent skin care ingredient known for its antibacterial properties. It improves general skin health and immunity, combating bacterial infections such as acne, boils and ulcers. Neem tackles bacteria from the root and prevents the recurrence of pimples and blemishes. Turmeric has been used as an antiseptic for centuries and it is regarded as one of nature’s most powerful healers. The herb helps to even out your skin tone and color, making it an excellent ingredient in a face wash. It also helps to retain the skin’s elasticity, making it supple. Turmeric has strong anti-inflam


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