Dove Nourishing Body Care Light Hydro Body Lotion

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  • Made in UK
  • 400ml.
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Dove Nourishing Body Care Light Hydro Body Lotion Price in Bangladesh

The Dove Light Hydro Lotion is a deep care moisturizing lotion with a light feel on the skin. It works deep down. It not only moisturizes the surface of your skin but also delivers deep nourishment for long lasting beautifully soft, smooth skin. It is suitable for all skin types and deeply hydrates dry skin. It is dermatologically tested and ideal for everyday use.
For best results, use this moisturizing lotion as part of your daily skincare routine.

How to use :

Apply our Dove lotion morning and/or night or whenever skin feels dry. Massage gently into the skin. For best results use immediately after showering.