Bioaqua 24K Gold Serum for Skin Care- 30ml

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  • Net Weight: 30ml
  • Made in China
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Bioaqua 24K Gold Serum for Skin Care – 30ml

  • It is a skin-enhancing serum
  • Protects the skin from aging
  • Golden flame spreads on the skin
  • Increases fairness in the skin
  • Removes the frosting of the face and tightens the skin
  • The skin is smoothed
  • Minimizes the pore of those that have holes in the skin
  • Removes the Dark Spot
  • Cleanses the skin from the inside, so the dirt comes out
  • It protects the skin from getting dry and brightens the skin.
  • When the skin is uneven and crushed, it is even and smooth.


1. Clean your face with water or face wash.

2. Then take a little serum with a dropper and apply it on your skin well.

Then gently massage the face



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