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Hair straightening is one of the mandatory ways to repair damaged hair. Although not used as often as washing and rinsing, just 1-2 times a week is enough to help your hair go through signs of severe damage, quickly recover and reach the best state, available ready to update any styling session. The problem is, which hair steaming oil should you use? The answer is Argan Hair Nursing Hair Film for damaged hair. Scroll down to let us know why you should choose this product rather than another hair steaming oil. Preventing and addressing damaged hair: tangles, split ends, dullness … Provides essential nutrients and moisture to the hair so it can quickly recover to the best condition Support styling and helps hair to stick better Protect hair from the negative effects of the environment OBJECTS APPLICATION For all types of hair from mild to severe damage In addition, the product can be used for all hair types. No need to say more about Argan, you must know this is an extremely good grain for porcelain and health. beauty. More specifically, when the seeds are extracted in the form of essential oils and used to restore hair, the effect is very surprising and economical.With the main nutrients including vitamin E, Omega3, Omega9, fatty acids in Argan essential oil will penetrate deeply, help restore hair and treat hair structure, while restoring high elasticity and helping the hair to naturally shine. In addition, Argan Hair Nursing Hair Film for damaged hair also has a special formulation specially suited to the characteristics of damaged hair that helps the hair to easily absorb and absorb maximum. amount of nutrients from steaming cream. Argan Oil kit imported from Italy INSTRUCTION MANUAL Apply a generous amount to damp hair at the base of hair and wait for 5 to 10 minutes then rinse with water. This product can be cold brewed or steamed hot. ADVANTAGES Argan Hair Nursing Hair Film for damaged hair is easy to use, it can be steamed hot and cold, convenient for all women needs. Products have a pleasant fragrance, luxurious and noble, beautiful design form suitable for all bathroom spaces.

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