7pcs Makeup Brush Set – Golden & Pink

In Stock


In Stock


  • Product Type: Brush Set
  • Color: Golden
  • Main Material: Plastic
  • Makeup brush
  • Very soft
  • Handle material: Plastic
  • Flat top buffing foundation brush

This essential brush set gives you all the tools you need to apply makeup like a pro. Professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials.

Flat Brush: Apply cream products to flat areas of the face such as forehead and cheeks

Round Brush: For blending mineral products onto the skin

Angled Brush: To apply buff cream blush or bronzer onto the skin

Flat Angled Brush: Works especially well on cheekbones and contours of the nose

Tapered Brush: Cream and liquid foundations onto the harder to reach contours of the face.

Small Flat brush: To Stripple concealer and blemishes

Small Round Brush: To Apply Eye Shadow and Primer

Small Flat Angled Brush: To apply concealer under Eyes and Nose

Small Angled Brush: Contouring Cheeks and sides of the Nose

Small Tapered Brush: To apply concealer on rounded areas of the face


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