3W Clinic Collagen Whitening Cream

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  • 100% Best Quality Product
  • Capacity: 60gm
  • Product Type: Whitening Cream.
  • Brand: 3W CLINIC.
  • Formulation: Cream.
  • Collagen is a protein which makes up almost 80% of our skin With age, the support structure of collagen goes through wear and tear.
  • That is when the signs of aging become manifested.
  • Wrinkled and loose skin is one of the most evident required to allow for repair aging skin.
  • This water-based collagen skincare product can be a relief to it.
  • This Rejuvenating Collagen is the anti-aging skin care product suitable for application to all types of skin but best for combination skin and can be used by age groups.
  • Country Origin Korea
  • 3w Clinic Collagen Whitening Cream is a multifunctional cream with a powerful concentration of clarifying, firming, moisturizing, nutritional, antioxidant and rejuvenating components. This cream has a pleasant texture and a pronounced moisturizing effect, softening and smoothing skin. Penetrating deeply into the skin, the cream at the cellular level inhibits the synthesis of melanin, activates the synthesis of collagen, triggers the regenerative processes and significantly improves the appearance of the skin – makes it light, fresh, tightened.
  • Niacinamide, which has the ability to bleach pigmentation of various origins, helps to cope with post-acne traces, reduces redness, smooths the skin tone. In addition, niacinamide is an active ingredient for a powerful cellular renewal of the skin: it increases the elasticity of the skin and significantly improves its barrier function.
  • Apply to cleansed face with light massage movements. Apply in the morning and/or evening.


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