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24k Goldzan Ampoule 99.9 Pure Gold Serum

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  • Weight: 100ml
  • Made in Korea
  • Origin Barcode: 8809099262786


Original 24k Goldzan Ampoule 99.9 Pure Gold Serum Price in Bangladesh

  • Weight: 100ml
  • Made in Korea

Original 24k Goldzan Code:

  • Origin Barcode: 8809099262786

This is a luxurious ampoule that combined 24K pure gold (99.9%), 7 peptide complexes and deep-sea plant extracts. It is rich in nutrients, can be deeply penetrated into the bottom of skin to exert powerful moisturizing and anti-aging effects.

What does 24k Goldzan ampoule do?

The 24K Goldzan Ampoule 99.9% pure gold Serum contains pure gold  and peptides. It is a highly recommended and concentrated serum that absorbs nutrients deep in the skin. It helps to improve skin tissue. It has anti-wrinkle, brightening and rejuvenating formula.

How do you use 24k gold ampoule?

  1. Apply on your face after cleansing and toning or as the ending part of your skin care routine at night. Not advisable to use during the day before going out.
  2. Tiny gold particles which appear like glitters will be observed on skin.
  3. Gently pat for better absorption.

Is it okay to use ampoule everyday?

No, You shouldnt use it everyday, it can be used 1-2 time in a week. Ampoules have very high concentrations of active ingredients. so taht, the majority of ampoules are meant to be used 1 or 2 times in a week at most. As ampoules are becoming more popular, however, some are being designed for daily use. Check the label on your ampoule to see how often you should use it.


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