24k Gold EGF Repair Ampoule 30ml

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EGF, also known as the hypothesis factor, decreases rapidly after the age of 25 and affects skin aging so should be filled externally and mixed at the optimal rate with gold, which can help skin nutrition, so it is the perfect home care ampoule that you can do the high-quality of esthetic by yourself, 24 Gold EGF Repair Ampoule.

1.) Healthy skincare with real golden combination
2.) EGF, a Nobel Prize-winning next-generation beauty ingredient and beauty-pursuing gold, which has been with humanity, are combined at an optimal rate, so this high-concentration and high-nutritive ampoule can not only care for wrinkle but also restore natural skin health.

Key Points
Whitening/Wrinkle care double functional cosmetics.

High-functional that containing a golden ratio of high-enriched EGF and 24K pure gold(99.9%) Skin Whitening Wrinkle care function High-enriched essence Shiny skin Skin barrier enhancement

Compound functional Multi ampoule. Moisturizing + whitening + wrinkle care + nutrition.
Golden ration collaboration of EGF and Gold.

Double function brightening.
Instant recovery and develop elasticity.
Anti-aging and Anti wrinkles.
Skin damage preparation.
High power Moisturizing.
Skin Healing Power.
Replenishing skin barrier.
Excellent antioxidant effects.
Deeply Exfoliating.

How to Use
1. After washing your face, clean your skin with toner and apply it to the pre-emulsion stage
2. Roll like massaging for the contained gold powder being absorbed well

Adding EGF, which is a next-generation skin beauty ingredient and hypothesis activation factor, and LB-BIO science formula(peptide), and 24K gold ingredients in a bottle.


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